February 13, 2022

While waiting for the avionics to be delivered , I decided to do my own interior work in lieu of an expensive and long lead-time pre-fab interior. Built interior panels out of 1/32 inch Garolite with fabric coverings, to run between major cabin skin interior ribs with some graphite/epoxy shells to cover the canopy latch mechanisms

March 15, 2022

I had decided in September of 2021 to have Advanced Flight Systems of Canby, OR to provide the avionics and panel assembly. These arrived in March of 2022 and I began installation. Centrally mounted racks accommodate the PAR200B intercom and Garmin GPS-175 navigator. Other LRU components had be accommodated on the sub-panels. The panel right side is dedicated to a tablet mount which I designed and had 3D printed for an android tablet. After this, the fun begins with wiring installation. Eventually, I was able to do an initial power up and configure of the system with extension harnesses to electrically join the wings and car battery for power. An additional change to the center panel, was to not use the welded steel T-handle from Vanís and instead provide a removable knob with a 3D printed release guard to dissuade inadvertent canopy jettison.

May 12, 2022

Time to get ready for engine installation.† Began getting the motor mount in place and getting the fuselage up on the landing gear.† Again, the overhead crane came in handy for lifting the now 180 lb+ fuselage on up the build tables to insert and bolt in main and nose gear legs and assemble the wheels unto them. After this, it was a good time to get wheel and leg fairings in place.††† All I need now is an engine...